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It's not fancy, but there's lots to see here if you poke around.

Why UNDER 40? There IS a reason. Click HERE to find out.

Geoff was on Car Talk

Yes, and not once, but twice! Listen HERE for a discussion of what to do with a full sized spare tire. Nov 2004
Listen HERE for a discussion of what car might make a good real-estate promotional vehicle. Sept 2005.

Got friends who hate Mitch Miller?

Torture them with THIS

A well known personality visited Alki recently, and met up with Marilyn Monroe. Check it all out HERE

Life Imitates Art

Babies On the line No kidding, I snapped the first picture looking over the fence to our next-door neighbor's house one afternoon. This is a triplex with about four families in it, and they had decided it was time to wash all the babies. Then I showed it to some friends who recognized the album cover immediately. Look, even the stick is identical!!

Bikes and Ride Journals

I'm a bicycle commuter. 10-13 miles one way, with 2-3 round trips per week. Here's some links for cycling and my ride journals. Bikes and Rides

Founders of Unix

Founders of Unix

Christmas Letters from current and past years

We saw the Kingdome Implode . Check it out!

Pictures of our PETS

Click HERE to see some cartoons and other humorous items


I like to sell exercise equipment (and other items) on Ebay. My "handle" is "getfit4less". Check my CURRENT AUCTIONS

Renovation Projects

Our remodel in Bellevue is done. Click HERE to see the details with pictures.

Hey, check out our Aberdeen project pictures!

No, I don't have a parrot, but if I did, he might look like this.

What is the background picture?

Click HERE for an un-altered single image. From the Bell Labs archives, it's a rock salt oxide that comes in handy in liquid crystal displays that are used in cell phones, handhelds, and lots more. Check it out in full scientific detail HERE

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